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communication: 1.6 & 4.2

While producing all my YouTube videos within my position, I have to communicate with my peers for the video project to come out in the best way possible. Being able to communicate with my peers and gather an opinion does that. 


personal & social dev

personal & social development: 1.4

I've grown so much in the past year of leadership. Getting through alongside my leadership peers has been such a fantastic experience. Being a part of leadership helps meet new and diverse individuals. 


civic & social

civic & social learning: 3.1

In September 2022, I volunteered at our local theater in a production of our annual 'Dancing with the Tracy Stars', where well-known individuals from my town compete in a dance competition. During this event, we got to decorate the lobby, make social posts on the hosting account, put wristbands on guests, and much more! We got admission into the show for free after our work was concluded! 


business & finance

business & finance: 1.3 & 4.2

In Leadership, I have to perform actions similar to business and finance, such as filing paperwork to use the football field or renting out the theater for filming a YouTube video! To be a part of my Freshmen Class, we also have to do things such as Request a reimbursement or file papers. 


tech & digital

technology & digital citizenship: 1.1

In Leadership, I do many things that have to do with technology, weather thats creating a flyer for the upcoming dance or making a video to be released on our Social Media. Getting to create the digital brand of this school is something I am thankful to do!


government: 4.4

As a class, we have used government in the form of meetings and event preparation. All of our ideas come from group discussions. Particularly when our class was planning homecoming and our New York City–themed formal. We make blueprints, have brainstorming sessions, and prepare beforehand. 

interviewing skills

interviewing skills


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